Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Earth Healing 1

This is Earth Healing 1, the first in a series; 2 is almost done. It started when I was reading the news (really awful) and after, thinking "What is an artist supposed to do?" What can we really do to affect things for the better? We artists tend paint what's wrong with the world and with ourselves, without offering a solution or an alternative.

There's a meditation by E.J. Gold around 'warming the world', so I made an artistic experiment with it. I envision the globe in my hands, with all its turmoil and pain, and ask myself what it needs. I send the required calming and peaceful, both warming and cooling, vibrations to it, feeling a change, a re-tuning to its proper tone or vibration, if you will. Then I try to render this in paint.

I think I'm going to have to do something like this forever into the future. I can't just go on doing something 'interesting', it's not enough.

Earth Healing 1    oil on canvas    30" x 24"

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