Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Unfortunately, you can't see all the flaws in this picture. I made a big point of leaving them in there, so nobody would get the idea that this was a picture of a "lake", no matter how picturesque. It is a picture of myself; as I would like to be, if I could maintain this measure of reserve all the time, in order to be able to gaze into my inner world without reference to, um, reference points, concepts, situations, people, problems -the ongoing disorganization of my life- to gaze simply at the self, as self, without reference points. That is the aim.

Yes, there were flaws, but I accidentally corrected them with GIMP; you'll have to be content with what flaws you can see. Did I mention this picture is for sale?

Lake    oil on canvas    20" x 16"     11/2016

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