Friday, January 13, 2017


This started life as a loosely drawn self-portrait (like about 15 seconds) and quickly turned into something else. I was originally going to call this 'Goddess' but the mid-tone background and the distilled emotion changed as well. I think I share a lot of qualities with her; I'm bitter, vengeful, cold, remote, but fair (with my customers? I don't have any customers -would you like to buy this? 😸).

Finally this is about women's status in the world; their socioeconomic status in many places depends on their desirability and nothing else. Denied education or opportunity there's no alternative but marriage, forced or otherwise; or this. Knowing the news, I see there's a lot on their plate, even in the more 'civilized' countries. I could go on about this but you know the stories. Finally really, I must say she's the survivor, since time immemorial; no one's going to bring her down.

Prostitute, 20" x 16", oil on canvas.

I couldn't not offer this sonic art, as an accompaniment.

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