Saturday, April 22, 2017

Worshipping at the wrong altar, Part 2

Is this art?

Team Duff 'gets' Lou Reed, and hence, this song in a way few mortals do, or would care to. Melancholy Dane: to be and not to be, is the question.

Is this art?

Not exactly cutting edge (or current); and? Thanks for inviting us to conceive of our daily grind life as art; I'd live in that world. How do we make living there, which is a full-time job, into our "real" job?

Curious that these two videos' strategies for dealing with identity seem polar opposites, yet equally disaffected; I think Lou Reed wins in the end...wins what?

Is this art?

Yet another way of dealing with identity; denigration of someone else's. Precisely, Hafez Al-Assad's, Bashar's father and the former despot of Syria.
This would go over well in a Chelsea gallery, context optional.

A learned artist friend once told me, 'If you want to learn about art, don't go to the museums or the galleries: go to the street'.

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